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Amcclips’ mission is to provide photography and cinematography services which meets the needs of our customers. We at Amcclips put our hearts into every single image. Painstakingly capturing each moment because we know we’re not just shooting for tomorrow; we’re shooting to be part of your best memories.


As CEO of Amcclips, Mr Olawale’s aim was to raise standards in photography and cinematography by exhibiting his works via the website.

According to Amcclips “We strive to embrace and drive change in our industry which allows us to keep our clients relevant. We aim high at being focused on building relationships with our clients.
It’s easy to make things pretty, but it is hard to make things matter. We love digging deep, finding meaningful insights and then figuring out the best possible way to express them.”


IBCdesign realized early on that AMCCLIPS is a company that wants to really showcase its creativity, not just showcase them, but maintain industry standards at doing that.

“I have worked with Tunde for over 4 years! We met on a freelancing platform! I was skeptical at first, but when was firstly delivered, i was totally Wowed! Impressive to say the least. I can not count the compliments on my website over the years!” stated Mr Olawale.

Fortunately, the AMCCLIPS had alot of their works to exhibit, mr wale had effectively uploaded the pictures categorically on the cloud and that made it easy to integrate.


IBCdesign then worked with Amcclips to exhibit their works as well as add such features as the availability form, password protected client gallery and so on.

A launch was also successfully supported by with a range of creative promotions – from e-flyers to newsletters and helped generate awareness and enthusiasm for the courses and products on the website through internal campaigns. Today, IBCdesign continues to work with AMCCLIPS to maintain the web platform as well as help the company realize their full digital potential.

“IBCdesign has continued to provide assistance and instruction after the release whenever we need it. The site looks and functions beautifully and has most certainly had a positive impact on our business!