As a global player in the yoruba cultural learning industry, Lineagealive Foundation’s reputation thrives on their ability to innovate and adapt to basic mother tongue demands of African parents in America. To that end, the foundation was seeking a relevant, in-depth and effective professional web platform to increase the effectiveness of the learning center and its advocacy.


As Head of Lineagealive Foundation, Mr Babalola’s aim was to raise standards in cultural advocacy as well as increase the standard of yoruba education in the United States.

According to Lineagealive “It has been observed that the quality of our enriched Yoruba cultural heritage has been gradually eroded due to the influx of modernization and civilization most importantly among Yoruba descendants resident abroad like in Asia, Europe and American countries likewise in Africa. Our language, culture and tradition are going into oblivion. For this observation, lineage alive is an organization that came into being to redeem the lost cultural heritage of Yoruba race.

Lineage alive is an organization of Yoruba educators which are concerned with teaching and promoting Yoruba language, tradition and culture through education and music targeted towards Yoruba descendants abroad.We are based on training the youth and interested nationals in Diaspora our traditional culture and language. Lineage alive foundation is an organization saddled with the responsibility of promoting heritage and culture in a bid to connect people in the diaspora back to their roots..”


IBCdesign realized early on that Lineagealive foundation is a company that wants to set the pace, not just keep up with it. They wanted to be at the forefront of yoruba language and cultural advocacy.

“I had the greatest degree of confidence in IBCdesign, both in terms of quality of content and their global certification standard, which we could apply across the different cardinals of our web platform,” stated Mr Babalola.

Fortunately, the Lineagealive team had alot of the ecommerce content already available, they had effectively scanned the books to be sold on the ecommerce part of the website, the cultural materials like the tie and dye renders, the paintings and others were also well digitally represented.


IBCdesign then worked with Lineagealive to integrate core modules and content into their web system to make it easy for people across the globe irrespective of race, color and social affiliations to easily understand what message Lineagealive foundation was trying to pass.

A launch was also successfully supported by with a range of creative promotions – from e-flyers to newsletters and helped generate awareness and enthusiasm for the courses and products on the website through internal campaigns. Today, IBCdesign continues to work with Lineagealive Foundation to maintain the web platform as well as help the company realize their full digital potential.

“I found the relationship to be a really positive one. One that was constructive. Concluded Mr Babalola.