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NDM is a diaspora inspired socio-political movement for the civil mobilization and economic empowerment of the Nigeria public for a new, progressive united country where patriotic leadership, transparency, rule of law, good governance, economic growth, and informed electorates mutually blend for sustainable development.


According to the chairman of NDM, Professor Apollos claims the vision of NDM is to build a vibrant progressive nation where every citizen is empowered to be THE BEST and to give THE BEST.

“NDM shall be operated as a mass-movement organization with Political, Social and Business arms. All arms of NDM shall be registered in accordance to the relevant local laws wherever it is being registered, and with the permit-able aims and objectives which are derived from the broad aims and objectives of NDM”


IBCdesign realized early on that asides from the web development need for NDM, the movement also needs a data driven portal to occupy the distinct membership privileges  as well as retrieve contact information of members for faster and better notification service.

“Tunde Aderemi worked passionately to deliver a website with great frontend appeal as much as it database driven. Said Professor Apollo at the 2019 Nigeria Diaspora Day in Abuja.

Fortunately, NDM had specific web development needs and IBCdesign was able to work on deliverig those specific needs.


IBCdesign then worked with NDM to exhibit their objectives as well s make it a working portal for the movement’s members.

A launch was also successfully supported by with a range of creative promotions – from enhancing the logo, flyer design to roll up banners all by IBCdesign which helped generate awareness and enthusiasm for the core objectives of the Nigerian Diaspora Movement. Today, IBCdesign continues to work with NDM to maintain the web platform as well as help the movement realize their full digital potential.